Cured Fermented or Matured?

carne fermentação

Cure, Maturation It is Fermentation These are fascinating and extremely rich processes for the flavor, texture and preservation of food. Understanding these processes is a valuable ally for those who produce food, whether at home, in industries or in artisanal productions. Continue reading Curado Fermentado ou Maturado?

Parma Ham Serrano Ham Jamón Ibérico Ham

presunto de parma

The noblest and most expensive charcuterie product is, without a doubt, raw ham. The best quality ingredients, time, patience and an ancient empirical technique are the answer to the production of this ancient delicacy appreciated in all corners of the world. This perfect combination produces one of the finest meat foods ever created. Dry-aged hams were developed over time by European farmers as a way to preserve pork, without refrigeration, while waiting for the following year's slaughter period. Continue reading Presunto Parma Presunto Serrano Presunto Jamón Ibérico

How to season barbecue meat

carne de churrasco

Firstly, it is important to highlight that the most relevant seasoning is salt, which is not just a seasoning, but also a functional additive, as in addition to imparting flavor and helping with the perception of taste, salt also has some special properties in meat. I will leave a suggestion for a seasoning mix, but I will focus on explaining the use of salt.

Continue reading Como temperar carne de churrasco

Salicornia or vegetable salt


Salicornia, also known as green salt or vegetable salt, is a plant that supports high levels of salinity, and is therefore classified as a halophyte. It is widely used in Europe in salads to replace the addition of salt, but it is also widely consumed cooked. It tastes similar to asparagus. Continue reading Salicórnia o sal vegetal

Brine for balance


Balance brine follows the same principle as traditional brine, but aims to achieve total salt balance between all elements of the brine, such as meat and water, but it is also possible to apply this brine to vegetables. It is the easiest and safest technique, but it is slower than brine with a high amount of salt. Continue reading Salmoura por equilíbrio

Is barbecue bad for your health?

Meat roasted on a barbecue, which by default has direct exposure to smoke from burning charcoal, is equivalent to a rapid and very hot smoking process, therefore it will inevitably contain particles of aromatic hydrocarbons, which are responsible for the specific flavor of the whole and any edible product that is exposed to smoke from burning any organic material. Continue reading Churrasco faz mal à saúde?

What is fleur de sel?

Salt flower is a name widely used in haute cuisine by chefs, but, after all, What is “flower of salt”? It is the thin layer of crystals that forms on the surface of salt flats, it is not refined, that is, it does not undergo any type of chemical treatment, therefore it does not lose its natural and unique characteristics. Continue reading O que é flor de sal?

Sea salt, coarse salt and fleur de sel

sal de cozinha

Refined Salt

First of all, it is necessary to understand that any table salt, regardless of its origin, will be considered refined when it goes through a process of washing, grinding, centrifuging and then drying at a high temperature. Then, through sieving, the “impurities” are separated and removed. Continue reading Sal marinho, Sal grosso e Flor de Sal

Curing or preserving foods with salt

sal de cozinha

To understand the process of preserving food with table salt (sodium chloride) it is necessary to understand how the process occurs. It is not just the food itself that rots (degradative enzymes), but mainly microorganisms, such as bacteria, that consume the food and generate secretions, which can be toxic for human ingestion or can be beneficial and tasty, but it all depends on the type of bacteria and, in most cases, we have no control over which microorganisms are proliferating. Continue reading Curar ou preservar alimentos com sal

How does brine work?

Brine is a solution of salt in water, which in charcuterie is intended to preserve, intensify flavor and change the moisture of food, especially meat. It is much faster than dry curing and loads the product with great moisture and flavors from seasonings added to the base brine. Continue reading Como funciona a salmoura?