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Unfortunately, there is no standard for national additives and some manufacturers fail to provide usage information. If you are in doubt about how much curing salt (preservative/sodium nitrite) or another mix of condiments you purchased, use this calculator to find out the limit established for meat products. Select the type, choose the food additive and see the established limit. It is also possible to calculate the amount of meat used and, if you use a mix of additives and condiments, fill in the percentage of the additive that makes up the mix. If your mix has more than one additive, we recommend using the smallest amount calculated for the additives.

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Hello, ask me a question, I make beef jerky for sale, I add curing salt 1 and normal fine salt. But it doesn't smell like the others. Am I missing something to add???? Or am I making a mistake with the amount of curing salt, please help me!

Goodnight . I would like to replace the industrial No3, with a source of NO3, present in vegetables, such as beetroot. (dehydrated, higher concentration of NO3, than in natura). There is a study, and a table of recommended amounts and reduction time from NO3 to NO2. in meat products.

What is the minimum curing time for products containing sodium nitrate?

Hey! Using curing salt should I use regular salt?

Hello! All good? Congratulations on the website! Thank you for sharing the knowledge.
What percentage of citric acid should be used in 1kg of pork?

Congratulations on the charcutaria website. Very good!!!!! 🙂
Could you tell me which regulation from the Ministry of Agriculture establishes a limit of 2.4g of nitrite/nitrate in cured meats, aiming to obtain a residual limit of less than 0.015g in 100g.
Thank you very much.

Hi, I don't remember where to find the recipes where there is automatic calculation of the measurements, you enter the weight of the meat and then give the measurements of the other ingredients. you can help me?

Hello, I would like to make pork and mixed sausages for family consumption, do I need to use curing salt, and if so, how long can I freeze them? I don't really like preservatives, but if I want to avoid contamination in the food, I can even use 1 teaspoon of coffee, which I believe is the percentage of 2.5 grams for 1 kg of meat. Another question is can I add garlic, black pepper and pepperoni to taste if I'm going to make it? Thank you very much

Be careful with this “coffee spoon”, as it may represent more than the recommended minimum. It is correct to use a precision scale so as not to add more than the recommended limit.

Good afternoon!
I'm starting out and would like, if I can, to make smoked chicken. Do you have any recipes that you can recommend to me for the conservation and food safety of the product. I'm afraid of doing the calculation myself and forgetting something or overestimating due to the amount of bones in the whole chicken. Thank you very much in advance

What is the best way to package and where to store a piece of ham to last up to 3 months for sale?

How much curing salt do I need to make 1 kg of beef, in addition to salt, do I need any stabilizer?

I have a doubt. To produce an aged cured ham, which curing salt should I use, 1 or 2?


Good morning,

Can I use curing salt 2 to make pork sausage and if so, what proportion?

To make a mixed sausage.
What additives and what quantities should I use to make 10kg of sausage?

Can I use this calculator for ready-made tapioca dough?

Good afternoon !
To make sausage with 20 kg of pork plus 5 kg of bacon, how much sodium nitrate 250 can I add to this recipe?

Good afternoon, I did a cup recipe in which I should add 2.5g per kg of curing salt 2.
But then I saw that the proportion of my curing salt is 12% of INS250 and 8 of INS251.
which seems to me to be twice the amount I put.
What problems can I have with this?

Thanks in advance.

Good morning! I bought a salami kit, how much dextrose and sodium erythorbate do I need to use per kilo of meat? Thanks.

Hello, do you know if it is normal for dark red smoke to come out when mixing curing salt 1 and antioxidant with water? in this quantity 80g of cure and 24g of antioxidant

antioxidant 5nsl. sugar, antioxidant sodium erythobate, and acidulant citric acid
I mix the 2 ingredients in a pot, as soon as I add a little water, the reaction starts, “wine-colored smoke” I increase the water and the reaction stops.

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Goodnight! Do you have an estimate of when Curing Salt 1 will be available in stock?

Hello ! Is there any problem with using expired curing salt 1? Is there a loss of properties? Mine expired a month ago...

Dear… I'm going to smoke mixed sausage (50% beef and 50% pork). Should I add the curing salt in advance?

I want to know how to make a sausage or other type of sausage

Hi, good afternoon. My name is Michele, I would like some help. I want to make homemade sausage. What curing salt and brand do you recommend?

how should i use hungarian po 3


Hello, nearby I find some Hungarian III powder as a curing salt. I can't find his composition anywhere. It only states that it contains nitrite and nitrate. It seems to be equivalent to Curing Salt 2. Can you tell me how much of this Hungarian powder III I should use per kg of meat?
I bought salts 1 and 2 from you, I'm waiting for them to arrive. I was scared to use this Hungarian powder.

Good morning,
In the information above I include the type of preservative and then comes the use of the mix with its percentage.
Is this 100% that appears the normal percentage or do I have to change the percentage?

Hi Xará! Thanks for the shared knowledge! I bought erythorbate to speed up the curing and fix the color and flavor, but I can't figure out how much to use. For example, for every 1kg I am using 2.5q of curing salt 2, but for Erythorbate your calculator shows “qs”. I have no idea! 1g or 10g?

I understand perfectly! Unfortunately, your response, even though it was absurdly fast, came late! I have already added the equivalent of 1% of the weight of pure erythorbate Protein…..did I mess up? (See attached photo).

Show!!! Thanks again! I will definitely send it!

Hello, I would like to know if I can use citric acid to make homemade pork sausage and what proportion. And how should I put it on the label according to legislation? Does it have preservatives or not? Thank you.