Catalan Fuet Salami

salame fuet catalão

This is a typical sausage from Catalonia, one of the most traditional regions in Spain. It is thinner than traditional salami, made from pork, preferably Iberian, fed with acorns. It uses little or no seasoning. This way the flavor of the meat is brought out. Ideally, the production process should take between three and four months. The longer the curing time, the drier and darker red the Catalan fuet will be.

Catalan fuet salami ingredients

1 kg of pork
20 g of salt
3 g of curing salt 1 (6.25% of nitrite and 93.75% of salt)
5 g of sugar
10 g of chopped garlic
5 g of white pepper
50 ml of white wine
Starter culture bacterial for fermentation (lactic acid bacteria)
Penicillium mold culture (penicilium nalgiovense)
Pork tripe (pig intestine)

Preparation of Catalan fuet salami

Hydrate the mold culture in filtered water;
Rinse the intestine well and immerse it in water with the mold culture;
Clean the meat and cut into small pieces;
Grind the meat twice using a 6mm cutting disc;
Add all the seasonings, except the mold culture, and mix well until it becomes sticky and sticks to your hand;
Embed in pork intestines;
Ferment the Catalan fuet salami in an environment between 24ºC and 29ºC, with high humidity, for 24 to 36 hours. You can keep the humidity high by wrapping the salami in plastic wrap. This retains moisture. A good place to ferment is in the oven with the light on and the oven off;
After fermenting, transfer the Catalan fuet salami to the drying chamber. The ideal drying conditions are 13ºc and 80% humidity;
Leave until you lose between 30% and 40% of weight. The more moisture is lost, the stiffer and more flavorful your Catalan fuet salami will be.

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